AI Buddies

  • Product description

    Part Name:AI buddies

    Part NO.:XZ601-01

    Artificial insemination process, the auxiliary circle (stroma stent) set in the sow waist position, you can simulate the boar surrounded by feeling, help sows better absorption of semen, reduce the return. Auxiliary ring flexible and flexible, unique shape design, the use of natural inward tightening, can fit a variety of sows. Stainless steel bracket, can be used to hang semen tubes, bottles and bags. Operators do not have to wait, breeding is more efficient.
    Encapsat fine folder with light, flexible, easy to operate and so easy to promote the use of insemination and so on. Will be placed in the back of the piglets, because of the rich elasticity, it can be adjusted according to the size of the pig, suitable for different sizes of sows. It is not easy to move after the side is fixed. The pressure of the clip on the back of the sow can cause the sow to undergo conditioned reflex and promote the rapid absorption of the semen. When using the connecting rod, the vas deferens or the vials (bags) are fixed to facilitate the sow to conceive naturally.